Barnby Dun Community Association

( Welcome to the ‘Old School’)




With effect from 1st February 2015 the following rates apply:


Standard Hourly Rate

Main Hall




Small Meeting Room


Conditions of Use

 (1)     Bookings will only be confirmed once a completed booking form has been received. (Please note that

         “Setting up” and “Clearing up” is part of the booked period of time, any over runs will be chargeable

 (2)     Payment for hiring facilities within The Old School must be made 7 days in advance of use.


 (3)   The hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the hired facilities or equipment, furniture

           And utensils therein and shall pay Barnby Dun Community Association on demand the amount required to

       Make good or remedy any such damage.


 (4)   The hirer is responsible for and must ensure full compliance with Barnby Dun Community Association Health

           Safety Policy a copy of which is available on request.


 (5)   The hirer is responsible for compliance with the Barnby Dun Community Association Personal Emergency

         Egress – (Peeps). A copy of which is displayed on Notice Boards around the building.


 (6)   It is strongly recommended that every hirer arranges Sufficient Public Liability Insurance Cover in

  •   Respect of their event. The hirer must ensure that any hired entertainers, hired equipment, food etc
  •         Brought into the hall, are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

     (7) The Community Association does not accept any liability whatsoever for accidents, injuries, damage to any

             Property and/or any associated costs resulting from any events whilst the premises are on hire.

         Equipment belonging to the Community Association must not be removed from the hall without prior written

             Consent from a member of the Community Association Committee.


     (8)   No decorations i.e.: balloons etc to be put up on top half of hall, and must only be put up on lower wall with

             Blue tack. (Due to damage to décor)

  • (9)   The hirer must remove from the site any rubbish generated during the period of hire.

    (10) It is the responsibility of the hirer to have CRB checks in place for anyone working with children or Vulnerable people.

    (11)   I have read and understand the terms and conditions of hire including insurance requirements. I Understand and accept that                   should I opt not to arrange insurance cover for my event that this is  Entirely at my own risk.


         Signed ------------------------------------------- Dated ---------------------