Barnby Dun Community Association

( Welcome to the ‘Old School’)

About Us

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In 1871 "The Old School” was built at a cost of £185 from money raised and donated from parishioners by Reverend John Duffin.
In 1904 it was stressed that the school was too small.
In 1994 after a wonderful life the school was closed and allowed to go derelict.In July 2005   a team of volunteers  formed a committee and with aid of various grants managed to save the old school and in it was re-opened as a self financing community project known as :-

Barnby Dun Community Association

The Barnby Dun Community Association is a self funding organization, and a registered charity, leasing Barnby Dun’s Old School Building and Caretakers house, and with the assistance from local authorities, voluntary and other organizations namely D.M.P.C., Yorkshire Forward, YRCC., DEFRA, Dept of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, E.E.C. to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreational and leisure-time occupations for the community of Barnby Dun and surrounding district

    Committee Members

    John Berriman  Chairman & Secretary Trustee

    Les Flinders             Treasurer

    Trudy Collingwood  Bookings Coordinator

    Elizabeth Flinders   Minutes Secretary

    Tim Cutts                Trustee

    Rev Dee Sircar

    Alan Collingwood

    Alan Hudson

    Angie Goodwin